Collaborative Divorce Lawyers In Aspen

Traditional divorce often is adversarial in nature which can lead to expensive court battles, high amounts of stress and bruised emotions which can forever damage relationships. This traditional model also leaves divorcing couples at the mercy of the court when it comes to a final determination. However, there is an alternative that leaves the decision-making largely up to you and your ex-spouse.

Collaborative divorce enables couples to resolve the end of their marriage in a less stressful, less emotionally contentious manner. At the law firm of Klein Coté Edwards Citron LLC our collaborative divorce attorneys in Aspen can help determine whether collaborative law or another method of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, might be an option for your divorce.

Divorce Without The Confrontation

In a collaborative divorce, both parties are represented by their own lawyer who serves as a legal representative in meetings and negotiations. The parties are meant to openly share information about their issues, finances, debt, and desires in regards to custody and support matters. When the parties reach an agreement, the attorneys will craft a written divorce decree which will then be presented for court approval.

The Benefits Of A Collaborative Divorce

The collaborative divorce process has a number of benefits. First of all, it allows the divorcing couple to control the process and to engage meetings on a timetable that works for them. Secondly, when children are involved this process is often less stressful and conflict-driven than a traditionally litigated divorce. Lastly, this process is usually less expensive and ultimately more cost-effective than a traditional divorce.

On some occasions, the collaborative divorce process just may not work out. In these rare cases we can also help pursue your interests through the divorce process in court.

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